Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The 12 Beers of Christmas: Day 11
Yule Fuel

Note: I'm a fan of holiday ales, and I want to use this forum this year to lay out 12 beers that just seem essential for holiday party drinking. Plus, I want to actually see if I can sit down and write for 12 days in a row, a feat I've never pulled off on this blog.

Sitting in the Bull and Bush tavern, which is modeled after a 17th-century English pub, you feel right at home drinking Yule Fuel, the Denver brewery's winter-specialty spiced beer. For in its thick, viscous body served lukewarm and its spiced aroma, you conjure up images of something very old-fashioned.

Though cloves, malt and honey are all apparent in its scent, it is the honey that takes on the strongest characteristic in this libation that reminds one of a more drinkable form of mead. It takes over as the beer warms even more, making this a very sweet, very drinkable concoction perfect for fireside sipping.

Yule Fuel is not for everyone, especially those who like their beer in classic styles. But if you want something less definable and more experimental, this is worth putting in your gas tank ... er, I mean, gullet.

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