Friday, April 18, 2008

Alaskan is Here

This probably isn't breaking news to anyone who's enough of a beer geek to read this blog, but I'm so excited that I had to shout it all the same: Alaskan Smoked Porter is now available in Colorado!

There may be no beer in America that represents the pinnacle of its style more than this concoction. It's almost as if you can sense the isolation of the dimly lit cabin situated on the frozen Alaskan tundra when you sip the predominant, dark smoke taste here. Every year at the Great American Beer Festival, Alaskan ranks as one of those breweries you simply have to visit. Two years ago, I asked the brewery representative when we'd be able to get some in Colorado on the other 362 days of the year. His response to me was that they just didn't see a way they could transport it that far and preserve its character.

So then, it was more than pleasantly surprising to me when I heard that Mile High Wine and Spirits in Lakewood became the first store in the state to get bombers of the smoked porter a little more than a month ago. (Other stores now have it, but I have to give props to the courageous beer pioneers who paved the way.) At $6 a bomber, I grabbed as many as I could fit in my arms and walked out feeling like I'd struck a tremendous bargain.

If you're reading this and haven't tried this beer before, I can't recommend highly enough that you get to the closest fine liquor store and pick some up. Though it just feels better to drink one in the winter, there's no time that you won't pour it, sip it and think you've got something special on your tongue.

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