Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Perfect Winter Beer
I've been searching for the perfect kind of beer to go with this bone-chilling cold we've had. And I think I've found it in a milk stout.
Specifically, I've been drinking Left Hand's Milk Stout, which is as fine a representation of the kind as there is on the market.
The joy of milk stout is like a stern but loving parent - it is both heavy-handed and gentle to you. (And, yes, the analogies will get worse over the course of this posting.)
Here you can enjoy the chocolatey, slightly roasted feel of a stout, warming like a blanket - see, I warned you about the analogies - wrapped around your tongue. But it's not just a heavy blanket.
The milk taste - a sweet, creamy milk, not some boring skim milk - is like a cooling but not bone-chilling wind. The heavy and sweet make for a perfect balance in a season that seems to have no balance.
And if, by chance, your taste buds haven't frozen to the point of uselessness during the past four snowstorms, this is the beer for you. Vaguely chewy but still a smooth dark beverage. Try one.

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