Saturday, November 07, 2009

Answering yesterday's question . . .

The Anniversary Ale created by Rock Bottom Downtown is a raspberry porter.

As a reporter, I hate not knowing things, especially in regard to subjects about which I write. So, the Beer Geekette and I made a trip over to RB to find this new ale and discovered something that we both termed as interesting.

A strange scent from the dark concoction is prevalent, but until the helpful bartender identified it for me, it was reasonably hard to determine whether it was a fruit or a spice. The raspberry characteristic is more obvious on the taste, though the medium-bodied porter certainly steals the flavor, with the fruit a pleasant, but not overwhelming, additive on the top.

This is at least the second raspberry experiment coming from the brewery this year, and it is much better than the overly fruited Jazzberry Ale that came out in June. This feels more like a sweet addition to cold-weather beers, and while it won't be mistaken for a classic English porter, it's a noble experiment in the style.


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