Saturday, May 16, 2009

This Week in Colorado Beer

GABF Tickets
Yes, the Great American Beer Festival still may be 4-1/2 months away, but that doesn't mean it's not time to write it in red pen on your calendar for Sept. 24-26. Tickets go on sale Tuesday for American Homebrewers Association members (June 1 is you're not shelling out the paltry $38 for the membership). And while you might think, "Oh, I can get these later," remember that the festival sold out about two weeks in advance last year.

Today (May 16): Summit Brewfest and BBQ in Colorado Springs. Any summer beer festival can have 38 different brewers there. But seven different kinds of barbecue? Mi adore. The festival runs from 2 to 10 p.m. today (which may be the longest single-day beer festival session in the state) and tickets are $20. This is a first-time event at the Norris Penrose Event Center.
New Tappings
Today (May 16): Bristol Brewing once again breaks out an IPA cask from noon to 9 for those that might want to stop by and grab a beer before the Summit Brewfest.
This week, hopefully: Avery will soon be putting out its Sixteen, a saison brewed with jasmine, peaches and honey, to celebrate the Boulder brewery's 16th anniversary. It's not listed on the website yet, but I have it from a good authority (a mass e-mail sent out from the brewery) that it's coming. Find it in bombers at local liquor stores. Or head up to the brewery Monday night; if it's not on tap yet, you can at least hear a presentation on barrel aging by the Society for the Pursuit of Hoppyness.

Beer/Food Pairing
Tuesday: Duo hosts another beer pairing dinner, with a twist. Not only will Great Divide be pouring its fine ales to go with the crusted snapper and chocolate torte, but Denver-based Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey will be there as well. Tickets are $35.

Welcome Back

Finally, Little Kings Cream Ale, the 7-oz. bottles that you probably drank in college (at least I did) have made a triumphal return to the state. The beer from Cincinnati's Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co. made a return to Colorado, which used to be its second-largest U.S. market, earlier this week, according to news release sent out from the company. I can't say I remember a lot about the beer, but I do recall that it was smooth and fun to carry around those little bottles.

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just found your blog, it's awesome!...glad to see it is updated regularly and will definitely check in to get the local scoop on events and releases.
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