Monday, February 16, 2009

New Release: Odell Red Ale

Nothing normal comes out of Odell. This is the company, after all, that produced a double lager as its summer seasonal for years and rolled out an oak-aged ale last year that made most Russian imperial stouts look American light impersonators. It's all a wonderful trip, but it's not your father's stylings on beer.

So, when you crack the top off an the new Odell Red Ale and find yourself greeted by a hop flower burst, you realize you're back again in experimental land.

Brewed with a variety of hops, this beer presents the reddish hue of its style but comes as something between a bold red and an IPA. The tougher malt character actually seems to reel the hops into more of a balance, restraining them even as it comes on with a full body.

This is a bigger red for people who want more from what can be a pretty basic style. But it's not quite the citrus mouth-splitting IPA that hop heads are craving either. Chalk it up to Odell's twist on a classic, and know going in that this will interest and please you without necessarily blowing you away as you contemplate what - if anything - it resembles.


Thanks, Ed. This is a good beer. Definitely surprising at first taste. It reminds me a lot of an IPA but without such a bitter aftertaste.
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