Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Release: New Belgium Mighty Arrow Pale Ale

There's just something nice about naming your spring seasonal after your former Aussie/border collie mix, as New Belgium owner Kim Jordan did. And, coincidentally, "nice" might be the best way to describing this offering.

Mighty Arrow doesn't offer up the mind-blowing complexity of a La Folie, but this Cascade-hopped ale comes on with a big sniff of wet grass on the nose, followed by a fresh but slightly subdued taste. It mellows quite quickly but never abandons its personality of hops, which add a full aroma to your mouth far more than they sting your tongue.

Mighty Arrow has come out recently but might be hitting stores a little early - a statement that I make because this isn't so much a winter beer as it is the kind of pale ale that you want to curl up with at a baseball game on a warm spring day. Almost shockingly easy going down, this is a subtle treat.

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Ed: I met you last week at the Vino in Highlands! I picked up a sixer of the, Mighty Arrow and enjoyed it much...
Lou Cruz
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