Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This Week in Colorado Beer

To kick off the new year in style, I want to introduce a new feature to the site that will try to keep readers up to date on tappings, beer dinners and other events you may not want to miss at Colorado breweries. This is a new experiment at building an online community, so please contribute with things you know are coming over the next week, and we can all be better people for it.

New Brews
By the time you read this (unless you're on a laptop at a bar right now), two Colorado Springs breweries have tapped a couple of beers.
Trinity Brewing on Monday unveiled a Farmhouse 32 Noel Blanc brewed using juniper berries, rose hips, coriander, and "grains of paradise."
Bristol Brewing, meanwhile, tapped its aged wheat tonight. The last batch was a wonderful Frankenstein of a creation that was part sour beer and part cloudy wheat. You kept ruminating on how to categorize it exactly until you realized that you'd finished your glass.

New Year's Eve
Just about every brew pub and beer bar in the state is doing something, so I won't single too many out. But the favorites I've seen include Trinity's tapping of four Belgians and four domestics, including supposedly the only keg of Breckenridge Whiskey Barrel Porter ever made. And Carver Brewing in Durango deserves props for its free barleywine/champagne toast at midnight. Take that, stodgy old traditions!

Beer and Food
This one's close to my heart: Avery is hosting a beer dinner on Jan. 5 at Gelman's Bistro, which is a block-and-a-half from my house in northwest Denver. And it's not just any old beers they'll be serving. White Rascal, Hog Heaven, The Reverend and Samael's Oak Aged Ale (the best-kept secret at the brewery) will pair with a likely fancy menu at a place I know for cooking a mean cheeseburger.

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Have a Happy New Year Ed. Hoping that the new year brings you all the best for you and yours. Hope to run into you at a beer fest or pub soon.

Chipper Dave Butler
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