Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back to School
It's a truism that during times of high unemployment, more people go back to school. And, coincidentally, studies have shown that beer sales typically weather recessions.
So, it's only natural that in these hard times, Bristol Brewery is offering a series of 10 classes on Thursday nights beginning on Jan. 8 and running through mid-March to help people better understand that magical liquid that will help them get through it all.

The Colorado Springs brewery offered its Bristol Beer School last year as well, and members of the Fearless Tasting Crew who attended a few of the sessions report that it was wildly educational. Actually, they mentioned that part only after they went on and on about all the good beer they got to drink. But it was educational all the same, they say.

The 2009 course catalogue includes everything from Intro to Beer and Intro to Homebrewing to graduate-level courses like Sour Beers and Intro to Brewing Chemistry. Each of the classes runs you $25 (plus a food-pairing class with a $15 lab fee), but hey, that's just your way of helping the economy right itself.

So, go smarten up and save the ales at the same time. Maybe I'll see you at one of these classes.

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