Thursday, July 31, 2008

Phantom's New Brews

I'm sorry this is about a week late, but I wanted to inform all my friends in the Springs of two new brews on tap at Phantom Canyon.

First is the Demolition Cream Ale, one of the best beers made by the downtown staple. Smooth, creamy and a bit heavier in alcohol than most creams, this is an easy yet still meaty treat for the summertime. The cream usually stays for a couple of months, but I would recommend getting down there sometime before Labor Day to ensure you don't miss it.

Second is one I've never tried before - the Blueberry Ale. The good news is that from a picture Phantom sent out in an email, it's not actually blue (take note of this, Anheuser Busch). Blueberry is becoming one of the favorite experiments of several brewers, and I'm eager to see what Andrew has done with this. But I feel obligated to mention too that this is going fast, so don't waste time.

That's all. Happy drinking.

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