Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beer Run Changing Formats

For those of you who have followed my Beer Run column in the Go section of The Gazette for the past five years - and have wondered where it's been for the past four months - the answer is that its abscence has largely been a victim of the shrinking space of our paper. So, starting tomorrow, Beer Run will be featured in a whole new format.

The column will become the first exclusively on-line column run by the G, an effort to continue to get all-important beer news out to readers while also dealing with the limitations of a modern newspaper. The good news is that this will allow me to write a little bit longer and more in-depth about subjects, starting with tomorrow's look at the best beers in the Springs. The bad news is that you won't be able to just open the hard copy of the paper and read the column on a bus . . . unless you carry a PDA or laptop . . . which many people do now. So, I guess the downside isn't really that down.

With this, I will return to my regular format of writing once every two weeks. And now that the legislative session has ended (you know, my pesky real job), I'll try to blog every couple of days rather than every couple of weeks.

My thanks as always to everyone who actually wants to hear what I have to say about beer. Let's keep the talk going and the good beer flowing.

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