Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A New Friend

There's always a certain joy when I arrive in one of my favorite beer-stocked liquor stores, kind of like the Spring Training fan just happy to see all the players on the field again. But there was an extra joy tonight, as I popped into my favorite store and found the shelves now stocked with Farmer's Friend.

Farmer's Friend, for those of you unfamiliar with the brand, is a malty caramel Irish-style ale from the beer mecca of Palisade. Previously one of those hidden joys I was only able to find when I was visiting a friend who lived in Montrose (who has since moved, making the joy temporarily unattainable), Farmer's Friend began statewide distribution just about two weeks ago, the clerk informed me. A number of beers from Palisade Brewery, in fact, can be found on the shelves of better liquor stores now, adding one more arrow to the Colorado beer aficionado's quiver. This one is a special one to me, though.

A good Irish beer is what a good friend should be - constant, loyal, just what you need at the right time. This amber-hued creation doesn't dazzle you with a new taste or with loads of malt; it just gives you a full mouth of flavor when you really want it. Perfect for sipping on cold nights or mixing with food - I just had it with a stir fry that it complemented without overpowering - it's a beer that's just there, all quality and no frills laid out for you. And that's cool.

Any other Farmer's Friend fans out there? Or does anyone else know of other Western Slope creations that need to be brought to the Front Range?

Good to see you blogging again. Just recently came across the blog and wondered if you were still blogging. I haven't tried the Farmer's yet but will start looking for it. I'm a bit north of you up in Greeley. I'll be looking for a few nice ales to taste during this St Patty's day weekend. Cheers!
Holy Hell, is Palisade Brewery the standout for me --at least the Red Truck IPA. Discovered it in Telluride (Ridgway, actually) and pestered Argonaut to stock it. They came back (must've been Nov?Dec 07) said Palisate wasn't available in Denver.
Well --true. But. I. Did. Find. It. In. Evergreen.
Where the hell in Denver is this stuff? If it made it to Evergreen (from Palisade, outside Grand Junction) I know its somewhere in Denver. And at tghis moment, I am jonesing BADLY for one.

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