Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pours for Coors
I happen to be both a beer fan and a baseball fan. In fact, I am of the belief that it is somewhat hard to sit through an entire game at Coors Field without multiple beers, especially when anyone on the Rockies other than Jeff Francis or Aaron Cook is pitching.
The marketing people at the stadium soon will offer a trial marriage of beer lovers and people who like to spend the evening watching the battle for third place in the NL West. They've tagged it the first-ever Brewery Night at the Ballpark. This does not involve any string of beer booths along the right-field concourse, as I'd hoped it would. Instead, it's a cheap way for "breweries, bars, distributors and beer lovers," as they describe it, to get tickets to an Aug. 6 game against, appropriately, the Milwaukee Brewers.
Here's the trick, as explained to me. Go to and punch in the username beer and the password "gorockies". Outfield box seats, which normally sell for $36 apiece, can be yours for $16 for the game.
And when you get to the stadium, I'd highly recommend a trip to the SandLot Brewery behind the right-field stands. It once again has its enthrallingly easy-going Smoked Lager on tap. Plus, it's offering a new Hefeweizen that is packed with lemony goodness. My wife and I brought strawberries to the game - yes, I bring low-fat food to the games; this is what happens after you get married - and we actually took to dipping them in the beer because it was such a good combo.

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