Monday, December 04, 2006

Dark, Sooo Dark
For those of you who live in the Denver area and may read me, I'd suggest stopping whatever you're doing and getting to Falling Rock Taphouse right now - if it's not too late.
The Mile High City's finest beer bar rolled out kegs of some very special Stone Brewing products this past weekend. If you're wondering why I'm just writing now, well, it takes a while to recover enough to get back into work.
Friends and I enjoyed the Double Bastard Ale, the 10 percent alcohol-by-volume ass-kicking big brother of the increasingly popular Arrogant Bastard Ale. There are to be sure, better big beers out there, ones that flow more smoothly and bring out more of the taste of the excessive hops they use. But there are few, if any, beers that simply taste this big. A full, bold amber/pale body is reminiscent of a barleywine - but unlike most barleywines, this one doesn't try to beat you into submission. It just rides you along, reminding you that it's heavy and experienced while the malt crackles at the edge of your tongue. I won't lie - some of the joy is in the high level of alcohol here. But it's really about how much it warms you.
There also was a keg of the Imperial Russian Stout, one of Stone's finest creations. An intricate combination of raw toughness and through-the-roof hoppiness, it fills your mouth like few other beers. The joy of it is that the stout overshadows the imperial hops just enough to make this about the chocolate and roasted malts more than about the 10.8 percent alcohol. Smooth rather than bullying, it is one of a kind.
That's it. I just had to share my joy at finding these mouthfuls outside the San Diego area (where Stone is located). Please let me know if you know of anywhere else I can find these goodies.

Absolutely love Falling Rock! That's our first stop every time the wife and I go up to Coors Field to watch our beloved SF Giants.

As for Stone Brewing... drooooooooool. Two years ago we went to the GABF and got smashed just on the tasters from their booth! That Imperial Russian Stout sound is oh so lovely.

And you're right, it's tough to locate their products. I'll give my dad a shout and see if they can order it at their store.
Alrighty Ed... got my folks hunting down some Stone Imperial Russian Stout. Funny thing, I called them to order some Pete's Wicked Wanderlust and the sales guy was standing there in the store with them, so lucked out on that. He said he knows he can get a hold of Stone Brewery stuff... so as I as soon as I hear something I'll let ya know! ;)
Just got done reading today's Beer Run article! NICE! Well done!

So you're sying the blue Moon Winter Ale isn't good, huh? great... just picked up 2 sixers the other night. I liked Blue Moon (for it being a Coors product and all) and figured I'd like this one. GRRR!

Almost tried the Old man Winter Barleywine last Friday night at PC... took my employees there for a Christmas shindig. Did have Zeb's Peated Porter and the Stonehead Stout. Liked the Stout, wasn't too fond of the Porter. I like most of their beers, but that wasn't one I'd buy again.

One other thing... how do you say your last name? Is it Sea-lover or Seal-over? ;)

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