Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Belgian of a Different Shade
I was down at Bristol Brewing in Colorado Springs on Tuesday - that's $2.50 Edge City series pint night for all of you who don't know - and I grabbed a couple of the EC Belgian Wits. As usual, they spoke to Bristol's craftsmanship. But there was something different about this Belgian too.
Sipping a locally made Belgian like those from Avery and New Belgium breweries, the overwhelming rush is of a full-mouth cooling, a sensation that envelops you in citrus, yeast and something that feels like it a wind blowing out of a cold European country. That slap-you-in-the-face-and-make-you-want-to-visit-Belgium essence is somewhat downplayed here.
Instead, the wit comes across as smooth and quite citrusy (accented by the orange slice the brewery slaps onto the rim). Though lighter in this way, the EC Wit has a carbonated spark to it, one that pricks your tastebuds just a little bit. It was somewhat refreshing to see this different take on a classic style - and still plenty filling.
Thoughts on this, anyone?
ALSO: I wanted to let anyone who actually knows my schedule for publishing the Beer Run column know that it is being delayed one week for space issues and isn't running this week. Yes, my liver is crying too.
And I wanted to thank Eli the Mad Man for his comments last week. Two weeks into this, and you're my only confirmed reader who doesn't happen to be an editor at this paper. That's love, man. That's love.

Oooooooooo, a new Belgian from Bristol? Count me in on that one! Sounds tasty too, what with all that smooth and citrusy talk. I'll have to pick me up some o' dat.

Funny you should post about a Belgian too. I just got a taste of a new Belgian Blonde called Saxo, from Caracole. Pretty darn tasty! Check out my blog going up later tonight as I write about it, and a few other new brews I swigged down over the weekend.

You and I will have to meet up at a local brewery sometime so I can learn from the Mastah! ;)
Something that makes you NOT want to visit Belgium? What's that?
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